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Visualised Asset Management delivered via 3D scanning technology and remote data integration

The VI Experience

Visualise Info Ltd offers …

A service that creates a “Digital Visualisation” or "digital twin" of a building or space.
Owners, managers, operators, contractors and users alike can visualise a building’s data in a way that can be easily accessed, understood and shared.
This single point of truth provides a framework that aides risk mitigation decision-making process that can affect the overall cost of ownership during its lifetime. 

Buildings cost more to maintain and operate during their lifecycle than they do to build

There is a considerable lack of coherent and historical information upon which to base decisions, thus increasing scope for error. 

information is location agnostic ...

there will be considerable efficiencies to be gained from reduced travel and team collaboration.

At the core of our offering ...

is the capture and processing of data that otherwise would remain inaccessible to decision makers and combining it with a 3D graphical user interface that offers users an immersive experience of their property portfolios.

This creates a visualisation of information ...

from disparate data sources that you can access, control, own and manage to give confidence to your decision making process, reducing reputational risk and increasing understanding.

We can capture ...

up to 10,000 sqm in a day and our open platform allows data from disparate sources to be overlaid onto the scan using both historical and real time data from sensors. This in turn creates a cloud based visualised single point of truth accessible by browser.  

We can integrate data ...

from any application that has an open API and also offer our own modules, including Asset Register and Dilapidations Reporting.


Indoor Viewer

The indoor viewer navgates the space from the desktop, tablet ot smart device. It can take measurements, find routes and capture data using our modular services.

Compare States
Trigger a direct comparison between two states using


Way Finder

Find your way to a precise location or asset within the space, streetmap style !


Display room, floow and building areas, perform adhoc measurements of specifric area from the desktop.


Asset Tag

Capture information about Assets, equipment or locations and create a locational Asset Register. Other features can include snagging and dilapidation data.

A single source of truth



Web enabled 3D visualisation, using PointCloud technology and integration to BIM.

Data Anaytics via the VI->Data Platform


Cradle to Grave Approach


Innovative Technology

By following our digitisation workflow, converting your property(s) into digital data is simple, effective and efficient.

Why Choose VI

Collaborate, Communiate & Suceed



Software applications know what is in a building but not where it is or what condition it is in; A 3D scan knows where it is and what condition it is in, but not what it is. We bring the two together in one place



If you want to sell or lease a commercial property; know how much it would cost to operate and want to know what condition it is in without going there, then we can bring all of that information to your desktop in a fully immersive 3D Model.



Reduced travel
Easier collaboration
Streamline workflows

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