Complex Data at a Glance

The transformative, versatile platform engineered to maximize value from your Enterprise Asset Management software investment.

Visualise Info is a gateway to operations and maintenance efficiency, business intelligence, and user-friendly customizations.

Our solution is an innovative extension of EAM Software,
like IBM Maximo®

What makes Visualise Info unique?

Geo-referenced 3D Scan of client's facilities

  • VI combines advanced virtual reality presented within a photorealistic digital replica of the client's facilities and enhanced with geo-referenced 3D scanning, enabling a comprehensive view of all assets, including locations, maintenance records, and real-time performance.

Customizable User-friendly dashboards

  • VI creates a seamless, intuitive 3D experience for the software users, allowing them to customize their dashboards to address their business objectives.

Versatile and flexible integrations

  • VI integrates data from diverse sources and platforms—including IoT (Internet of Things), EAM (Enterprise Asset Management), BMS (Building Management System), and CAFM (Computer-aided Facility Management).

Business logic for data-driven decisions

  • VI applies business logic to complex data integrations, transforming them into actionable insights and enabling informed data-driven decision-making on operational and management levels.

One point of truth

  • VI breaks existing data silos and unifies data across your organization, offering one point of truth, optimizing data networks and improving overall asset visibility and control.

System sustainability

  • VI enhances predictive maintenance and solutionssustainability by consolidating disparate data into a comprehensive analytics hub.

Visualization is an innovative
problem-solving technology

The Visualise Info user interface is a powerful, value-added extension of your Maximo EAM system, ensuring complete control over your asset and enabling smart/ intelligent data management.


  • The geolocation feature of the VI platform allows for precise (with an accuracy of 5mm) geo-referencing of assets and ensures the unique asset knowledge is encapsulated within the 3D scan.

Data democratization

  • Scanned and geo-referenced assets are instantly accessible and perpetually secured as client-owned data, ensuring that invaluable site-specific and critical asset knowledge is retained, documented and made available across the organization.

Immersive 3D visualization models

  • Precise 3D scans allow intuitive interaction with assets, tracking their real-world positioning and enabling easy navigation throughout the sites.

1st-time fix rate improvement

  • Photorealistic visualization of the environment generates comprehensive visual records of facilities and assets in their surroundings to ensure fast, high-quality responses and significantly improve maintenance responsesquality and operational efficiency.

User-Centric Logic Hub

The VI Logic Hub dismantles data silos, integrates diverse business systems and applies business logic and harmonizes information from multiple data sources to accelerate data-driven, strategic decision-making.

Smart IoT sync

Smart IoT Sync embodies next-generation connectivity and business intelligence, accelerating data-driven decisions through a comprehensive system encompassing sensors/devices, connectivity, and data processing output via an intuitive user interface.

Proactive maintenance strategy

VI enables predictive maintenance scheduling, boosts asset efficiency, and reduces unplanned downtimes.

Dynamic user-friendly dashboards

Visualise Info facilitates the ultimate personalization of dashboards. Fully customizable widgets enable the creation of flexible and user-specific dashboards, allowing seamless toggle between 3D scans and system data tailored to a specific job role for enhanced operational agility.

Real-time asset monitoring

The Logic Hub allows for real-time visualization and monitoring of all assets, even in dispersed and difficult locations, via the use of 3D scans and IoT integrations.

Intuitive mobile accessibility

Grants full backend application capabilities and remote accessibility from any device, anywhere. It mirrors your system's familiar look and feel and, via visualization and automation, makes the VI a highly interactive, intuitive and easy-to-navigate platform, transforming your Maximo into a fully mobile solution. It eliminates the need for time-consuming training, reduces human error incidents and acts as a seamless conduit for operational excellence.

Full Maximo backend capabilities

  • Visualise Info facilitates the full Maximo backend application capability.

Easy navigation

  • Visualization and automation makes the Visualise Info platform a highly interactive, intuitive and easy-to-navigate.

Familiar look and feel

  • Visualise Info platform mirrors your system's familiar look and feel eliminates the need for time-consuming training, reduces human error incidents and acts as a seamless conduit for operational excellence.

Remote accessibility from any device, anywhere

  • Visualise Info offers true flexibility and scalability of the system allowing for full access to your assets from dispersed locations - anywhere and on any device mitigating human error risk and improving maintenance efficiency.

VI Platform Benefits

VI platform transforms complex asset data into actionable insights, helping businesses make informed decisions and improve operational efficiency.
Visualise Info simplifyies data integration by amalgamating disparate asset data into a unified analytics hub, boosting predictive maintenance, advocating for sustainable solutions, and maximizing your EAM investment.

Single point of truth

Visualise Info consolidates all asset information into a unified Ultimate User Interface platform, ensuring accuracy and reliability in asset management decisions.

Optimized maintenance outcomes

By leveraging visualization and consolidated insights from various data, businesses can significantly improve asset lifecycle, condition and performance leveraging predictive maintenance planning and execution and reducing downtime and costs.

Comprehensive asset knowledge

Users gain an unparalleled understanding of their assets, including condition, location, and management history, enhancing strategic asset utilization and lifecycle management.

Transparency across departments

Visualise Info bridges the gap of information silos, fostering transparency and collaboration across different organizational departments, leading to more cohesive and efficient business decisions.

Streamlined workflow processes

Integrating immersive visualization tools with data management simplifies complex workflows, enabling more efficient and error-free operations from planning to execution.

Commitment to a more sustainable future

Our innovative asset and data management tools optimize resource usage, reduce environmental impact, and enhance governance practices. We strive to create an inclusive and equitable workplace, engage with communities, and adhere to high standards of ethics, transparency, and accountability. Our solutions help clients achieve their ESG objectives and build a sustainable, responsible, and ethically governed business model.

Significant reduction of carbon footprint

Immersive 3D visualization

  • Scans enhanced with a comprehensive asset register and intuitive interaction reduce travel necessity - positively influencing carbon footprint.

1st-time fix rate improvement

  • Photorealistic representation of the assets and their environments improves maintenance response.

Significant improvement of operational efficiencies

Logic Hub

  • We empower businesses to make smarter decisions, enhance operational efficiency, and unlock the full potential of their data.

Saves time and cost

  • Users can significantly lower operational costs and increase asset longevity by optimising maintenance and performance.

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